Direct Response or Don’t Bother Advertising!

Posted by Andrew Dickson

Direct response marketing is advertising that demands a pre-determined (by you the marketer) response from potential customers. This type of marketing is used to answer questions, present your branding or products and speak to the reason you do what you do. Customers enjoy this interaction because it’s not just a one-way communication. They get to choose to respond, whether by signing up for a newsletter, posting a comment on your blog, or through purchasing one or more of your products.

Generic brand awareness advertising may be popular but it is NOT direct response marketing and NEVER returns as good an ROI as well-targeted direct response marketing will.

What does direct response marketing look like in practice? Well, there are many forms of it, including:
Facebook ads
Pay Per Click e.g. Google Adwords
Youtube ads
Direct mail
Print ads
Radio and TV ads
Coupons or other incentives
Telemarketing – usually experienced as, you know, those pesky calls at dinner time!

Some advantages of direct marketing are:
It can be a great way to use your time during any lulls in business activity
Productive way to communicate and empower you to create more relationships
Great way to up- and cross-sell to current customers
Low cost way to rustle up new business
Use it as leverage to turn small sales into large sales
Supplement your current marketing program
Cost-effective way to reach your target markets
Offers measurable results
Reach outside your local area for new business
Increase the effectiveness of your sales force

A huge advantage of direct response compared to awareness marketing is that the responses asked from the recipients can be measured. This means you can quickly know the effectiveness, or otherwise, of your marketing. So you can tweak copy or make other adjustments to improve desired response metrics or even cull advertisements if you find that your targeting/messaging was off.

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