Make Sure It Pops!

Posted by Andrew Dickson

Did you know there are 5 major components to creating excellent advertising copy? Also, the order you present these in is essential to your success.

  • You Must Command Attention
  • Showcase the Benefits of your Products/Services
  • Prove the Benefits Beyond Doubt
  • Persuade Readers to Embrace the Benefits for Themselves
  • Call Them to Take a Clear Action

Advertising is sales put into print form. You must consider the unique benefits your products/services offer and show these to prospects in the most persuasive way. Emphasize the results, never the features. Ultimately your customers only care about results delivered to them. Nothing else.

How about we take a moment to discuss each of these components:

  1. You Must Command Attention: This is done using a powerful headline. You need a real attention-grabber. One that makes prospects want to know more about you and your products and/or services. Top headlines portray the benefits and do so vividly. They show how their problems will be solved or avoided using your products and/or services. So, it sounds weird but the headline is actually the advert for your advert.
  2. Showcase the Benefits: You gotta quickly show readers the benefits to them and, more importantly, show how they will solve or prevent a real problem. They must see what’s in it for them in super simple terms. Include information that is useful, clear and factual to show exactly what benefits exist and how they will help your customer.
  3. Offer Real Proof: This is when you prove what your ad is offering. You need to create certainty that you have a proven method to deliver on your products promise. Employ any information that establishes your credibility and past ability to perform/deliver.
  4. Persuade Them To Embrace: Include compelling reasons why your potential clients should purchase from you instead of your competitors. Don’t be afraid to use a hard sell approach and create some level of scarcity. This makes your prospects feel like they must act quickly or lose the opportunity to solve their problem using your great solution. This leads straight into the final component required in your advertisement.
  5. Strong Call to Action: You must compel your prospects to DO some particular thing. To visit your website, sign on for your cool newsletter, buy your products, contact you re services…some direct action is called for AND YOU MAKE THAT CALL. Offer them a free report, a sample, a product demo, a bonus, an in-home or on-site consultation, perhaps a limited time offer…whatever you decide it must demand an action on their behalf. There are so many ways to get propects chomping on the bit ready to order. Help them feel like they are getting an amazing deal. Remember, people LOVE to BUY but HATE to be SOLD. The difference is all in how they feel about the decision.

Good ads include all five components and cannot be considered complete if any of them are missing. Sit down and carefully think through each of these components. Figure out how to best combine them for the best effect. We can help you with this. Click this sentence now to get a sneak peek inside our e-Learning system. You will be able to have a (limited) look around at the sort of content we can deliver to you – including much more on how to write advertising copy. Enjoy!

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